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Love. Laugh. Think Chocolate.

We believe the taste of chocolate inspires and delights humankind. It is our mission to deliver the most exceptional artisan chocolate experience possible in order to inspire and delight humankind one customer at a time.

The Cocoa Tree is more than a business venture, it is a life’s calling. Bethany Torino has been crafting artisan chocolate truffles by hand for more than a decade for the sheer purpose of bringing happiness and inspiration to her little corner of the world. Her truffles come alive through the narrative of the origin of each flavor. Each truffle is created to honor someone in her personal life who has inspired her and is designed to reflect that person’s good nature through flavor. For example, “Beck’s Margarita” is “the one who makes you honest” because Bethany appreciates her friend Beck for her ability to pull the truth out of you…just like a shot of tequila!

Our Story

Bethany’s chocolate journey began in 2003 when she decided to act on her dream of being an entrepreneur. She realized that artisan chocolate was a niche that had not been properly filled in The South and decided that it was the perfect opportunity for her business aspirations.

As she taught herself the craft of artisan chocolate, she began to be personally affected by the life lessons that she learned through her work. The taste of chocolate inspired her to slow down and enjoy each moment that life brings her way and the challenge of chocolate helped her understand how much effort life needs if we want it to turn out beautifully…every detail is important, no matter how trivial!

Bethany has made of the most of her chocolate gifts by competing on The Food Network Challenge; Chocolate Edition, by constructing a chocolate dress for a fashion runway event in NYC and by writing a book, Chocolate Covered Friendship, about her chocolate experiences, published by Thomas Nelson…among other things!

Even though she has been recognized as one of the top 10 truffle makers in America, she is proudest of the accomplishments of her children. She and her husband are raising a blended family of 10 kids and they constantly inspire, amaze and CHALLENGE her.

Chocolate is evidence that God delights in our pleasure!